Consultancy Services

I can provide consultancy services related to bacteriocins and other similar protein antibiotics to both companies seeking to develop novel antibiotics and to potential investors in this technology. In addition, I have an excellent relationship with a long standing consultancy business specializing in traditional small molecule antibiotics that considerably broadens the available expertise.  Examples of the areas where we are able to provide in-depth assistance include;

For antibiotic developers

  • Strategic business reviews and planning, SWOT analysis, research and product development of antibiotics from concept to market, including both traditional small molecules, protein antibiotics, photoantimicrobials and bacteriophage therapy
  • Brain storming with senior managers on new product opportunities to grow your business
  • Understanding the regulatory framework for traditional small molecules, protein antibiotics and bacteriophage thrapeutics
  • Understanding the implications of recent changes in patent approvals for biologics in the USA
  • Understanding the impact of the current worldwide discussions on antibiotic pricing
  • Identifying clinically important pathogens as suitable targets for novel antibiotics
  • Identifying suitable native bacteriocins, engineered bacteriocin-derived antibiotics, or small molecules for development
  • Understanding the importance of the parallel development of rapid diagnostics tests to assess sensitivity to novel antibiotics
  • Identifying within the new infrastructure being setup in the UK the most appropriate facilities to assist antibiotic developers with hit to lead development, lead optimisation, PK and PD, and commercialisation
  • Partner search and selection for research and development, GMP production, clinical studies and regulatory approval in Europe and the USA
  • Identifying investment partners to facilitate the development of novel antibiotics
  • Understanding the potential role of plant based expression systems for the economic production of protein drugs
  • Co-ordination and/or overseeing clinical trials of antibiotics
  • Publicity about the problem of AMR and possible solutions
  • Conference presentations about clients technologies
  • Providing input on the content of antibiotic developer's websites
  • Acting as an Expert Witness and/or specialist advisor to legal counsel or senior management in all areas of infection with specific expertise with C.difficile, E.coli, Legionella pneumophilia, MRSA, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa 
  • Acting as an internal reviewer to assist submission of research funding applications

For potential investors

  • Identifying investment opportunities involving the development of novel antibiotics
  • Analysing the impact of the worldwide discussions on antibiotic pricing
  • Due diligence studies of both small molecule and protein antibiotic candidates